The Greatest Mind Game on Earth

I'll make no attempt to sugarcoat the truth about this topic. Trading the financial markets is one of the biggest mind games on earth. 

Most people simply don’t have what it takes or are unwilling to conquer their own emotions.

In the following lessons, I'm going to lay out the foundational principles that every trader must learn in order to achieve any level of financial success from trading the markets. I thoroughly urge you to not skip this section! It may well be the most important lessons in the entire Pro Trader curriculum.

Your objective as a trader is to generate consistent profitable results, year in, year out - not to win big by betting the farm & taking out massive positions in the hope of striking gold on the next Uber, Apple, Microsoft, or Coca-Cola. There are professionals who make a living this way, but that is not the profession of a trader.

We are in the business of taking small, incremental profits, & letting the power of compounding work its magic.

Reasonable gains over longer periods of time will always significantly outperform massive, short-lived profits. If you're here for a laugh and have a desire to use the markets as a casino, go, have a blast! But I can assure you there are few quicker ways to blow your life savings & be left bruised & beaten by the markets.

If your desire is to create long-term wealth & abundance utilizing the teachings contained within these lessons, I can assure you that practicing patience and discipline will pay you larger dividends than almost any other career path out there.

The performance of Warren Buffett has only barely averaged 25% per year since the beginning of his career, which is less than what my recent annual return has been & is likely less than what yours will be in the early stages of your career, simply because it's not possible to be generating 5% monthly returns on $100 billion the same way it is trading $100,000.

The point is, even at a 25% return year in, year out, you will amass wealth comfortably within the billions before your days are over. Think on a grander scheme than the typical person & you will achieve grander results. Don't be swept up in the hype or shiny ball syndrome of the next hot meme-stock or flimsy new asset class that may disappear at any time.

If the offer was as clear as "Here's a 100% chance to make $1,000,000 in five years, or a 10% chance of making $1,000,000 in 1 year... but if you don't make it in one year you'll lose all hope of ever reaching it," which of those 2 options would you choose?

Logic says option 1, yet most unconsciously choose option 2.

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